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What if you could Become a Travel Photographer, And Make a 6-Figure income,

so that you can finally explore the world and live life on your own terms.

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

Does this sound like you?

This could be your reality so much sooner than you know it

🙌 Imagine for a second…

You wake up. No alarm.

No 60-minute commute in dreadful traffic.

Instead, you open the curtains and remember that you’re in that country you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

There’s nothing planned for the day, except exploring and taking epic photos.

“Just another day as a nomad photographer.”

You finally experience the joy of genuinely loving your job. When you are passionate about what you do, work no longer feels like a chore…

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

You set off, with your Sony in your hand and your DJI in your backpack.

Fuelled with creativity, imagination, and ideas, you take in the incredible landscapes around you and begin to shoot.

Time passes swiftly as your passion and ideas comes to life with remarkable ease…

When you get back to your hotel room, you get straight to editing your photos. You look at your work feeling proud and think…

“I made that, and I can’t wait to share this with my audience.”

You close your laptop and run out to meet your friend, Tom, for coffee. You set your iPhone on the table and start catching up about…

*Ding!* It’s your inbox alert… 🔔

so you look at your phone…

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

You’ve got two new emails! 📧

Email #1: 

It’s a big client you secured last week. He says, “The team love the photos! Awesome job!”

Email #2:

It’s PayPal. You’ve just been sent $1000 for a bundle of presets you made a few months ago.

You pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. You’re not.

You’re living the dream. People are paying you to do what you’re passionate about.

You’ve become a highly respected travel photographer (gotta love when your pictures and reels go viral!) and have a client waitlist that seems to stretch for miles!

My personal Goal is to Help You Make This Your Reality.

Over the course of 5 weeks, I want to help you achieve your own breakthrough.

I want to personally guide you, and help you level-up to the next stage as a travel photographer. So you too can travel the world making money with your photography!

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

Are you ready to become the photographer you dream of becoming?

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

A 5-week programme and immersive experience… unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

Here's what's included:

A 5-week live programme and immersive experience… unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

Live Classes

This isn’t another pre-recorded course. I’ll be hosting live classes where you can ask me questions. This’ll make the learning experience more engaging and personalized.

Weekly Feedback

You can count on me to be with you every step of the way. I’ll be recording group feedback videos every week where I show you how to fix mistakes and improve.

Private Community

Join my student Discord community and plug unto a network of other travel photographers working on the same goals. Ask question, get feedback, and build relationship!

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

Looking for a sneak peek?

I spent months creating the perfect step-by-step “Success Path” for you to follow to build up a photography business.


Week 1: Get Going

Master the first steps to becoming a professional travel photographer. We cover everything from recommended gear to mastering technical fundamentals.

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator
Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

Week 2: Get Good

This week is all about really diving into the creative process and creating some epic work that you’re proud of. We’ll develop some solid portfolio pieces. 


Week 3: Get Noticed

Social media is an integral part of the process for us as travel photographers, as it can open up a lot of doors for us and make it easier for us to secure bigger clients. In week 3 we we cover the secrets to scial media success.

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator
Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

Week 4: Get Paid

This week is all about taking your skills to the main stage and earning an income through your photography skills. We’ll explore how you can lock in jobs with big name clients that every travel photographer dreams of working with.


Week 5: Get Free

Finally, we deep-dive into the methods of generating passive income as a travel photographer, allowing you more creative freedom in your work, and more freedom in your life.

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

300,000+ Happy Students
(And Counting)

what people have said about his other lessons.

Let's talk about the bonuses.

As a thank you for joining the 1st cohort of students I’m including some additional bonus material


Live Cohort

Value: $2997

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

Insta Playbook

Value: $497

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

Ultimate Preset Pack

Value: $320

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

The 66 Challenge


Value: $320

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

Perfect Pitches

Value: $497

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

Photography Mastery Bundle

Value: $1150

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

Get All These Bonuses Worth a Total of $8778
For Free When You Enroll Today!

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator
Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you watch all the videos, do the work and still don’t make the money back within 12 months, I will give you the money back.

Essentially… If you prove to me that you’ve done the work, and it hasn’t gotten you results – then I don’t want your money!

And just so we're clear...
(Because we don't believe in wasting time)

You're in the right place if:

You're in the wrong place if:

Hi there, I'm Sean!

I’m a globetrotter and self-taught travel photographer. Over the last 7 years I’ve built a 6-figure photography business and taught hundreds of thousands of students how to improve their photography.

Now I want to show you how it’s possible to achieve this lifestyle in 2023. 

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

Brands I’ve Worked With

Finding Freedom: The Accelerator
Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

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Finding Freedom: The Accelerator

If you've still got questions for me or want to chat, please email me anytime! I'd love the chance to chat further, no pressure, I promise.

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