The Best Photography Backpack Ever? The WANDRD PRVKE 31 Photography Bundle Review.

Best Photography Backpack ever? We check out the WANDRD PRVKE 31 and see how it stands out next to its competitors.

The Best Photography Backpack Ever? The WANDRD PRVKE 31 Photography Bundle Review.

WANDRD PRVKE 31 (Backpack Only)

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I’ve been a photographer for quite some time, and I must say I have never come across the perfect way to carry all of my gear. I am constantly on the go, and it can be difficult to keep everything safe and organized while I am traveling or city-hopping. I’ve used plenty of photography bags, but so many of them ONLY carry camera gear and don’t leave any space for an extra change of clothes or other things I might want to carry with me. Plus, many of them aren’t waterproof, don’t look very good, and are not comfortable. WANDRD recently sent me the PRVKE 31 to test out, and I must say, I’m quite enamored. Is it the best photography backpack/camera bag ever? Check out this detailed cinematic review video I made on the PRVKE 31 and see what I think. You can also read about my thoughts below.

PS: This is NOT a paid endorsement. They simply sent me the backpack in exchange for an honest review. This is all my own opinion.



Take a quick look at this backpack and you’ll see it was definitely made with the photographer in mind. It has a sleek and urban looing design with countless pockets that have endless amounts of functionality. The tactical looking straps give it a really cool look, and the roll-top backpack style on the top of the bag ties everything together into a cohesive and flawless design. The bag comes in three colors, black, green, and blue. All look very good, but I opted for the green version. You can also buy the bag in three variations: the bag only, the travel bundle, or the photography bundle. The photography bundle comes with extra straps to hold extra gear, as well as a camera cube that can carry your gear. This is the packageI selected.


This is where the bag truly shines. The bag comes with numerous pockets and straps that are all incredibly useful. In addition to the main roll-top compartment on top, there is a large pocket in the front that is good for holding documents or other flat things, a small pocket on top that is great for holding valuables, a smaller side pocket that can be used to hold keys or smaller things, a passport pocket that sits close to your back for maximum protection, and a side water bottle holder that can double as a tripod holder. The back of the bag also unzips, allowing you to fit a 15 inch laptop and a tablet in a secure padded pocket. If you choose, you can easily remove the camera compartment and make main the roll-top twice as big. This is great if you want to travel somewhere and you don’t want to bring your camera, or if you aren’t a photographer.

On the bottom of the bag is a pocket containing a rain fly. Simply unzip the pocket, pull out the rain-fly, and cover your bag if you are ever caught in the rain. This makes the backpack waterproof and greatly increases its versatility. The photography and travel bundles also come with two waist straps that can easily be attached to the sides of the backpack. These are great at redistributing the weight of the bag if you are carrying a heavy load or are doing quite a bit of hiking, and can help keep the strain off of your back.


The only thing I don’t really like about this bag is the top handle. If the roll top compartment is too full, the magnetic connector will not hold the two straps together and they tend to get in the way. I wish there was a strap to hold these down when they cannot connect, or simply a better way to connect them on top of the bag.


As a whole, I love this backpack. I have been using it for about a month, and it has met all of myneeds as an on-the-go travel photographer. If I could highlight one thing about the WANDRD PRVKE 31 photography bundle, it would definitely be its versatility. There is a pocket for everything in this bag. I am confident that all of my external hard-drives, batteries/chargers, laptop, and camera gear are all safe and organized with this bag. Plus, it looks pretty dope. Lets be honest, that is important 😉 Out of all of the photography backpacks I have ever used, this one definitely comes out on top. Maybe it’s not accurate for me to say it’s the best photography backpack/camera bag in the world, but it certainly feels like it is.

How do you guys think it will hold up on the long run? I will be doing 6 month and 1 year follow-up reviews on this backpack in the future, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out 🙂

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