Professional-Level Travel Photography Resources & Tools All In One Accessible Toolkit

Travel Photographers Toolkit

The Travel Photographer’s Toolkit is a curated toolkit with essential resources like recommended cameras, gear, essential apps, location scouting tools, travel insurance, legal support, trip planning, and more!

Travel Photographers Toolkit

What's Included?

💻 Essential Apps/Softwares

There’s a lot that goes into being a travel photographer, and we have a million tools we can use to help us on our journey. These are the most essential applications and software that we recommend every travel photographer use.

🗺️ Trip Planning

A list of resources you can use for planning your trip. This includes things like finding and booking flights, accommodation, as well as finding interesting things to do while there.

🔍 Location Scouting Tools

Essential tools travel photographers can use to ensure they are at the right place, at the right time. This include everything from finding and scouting locations to tools to help determine the weather, conditions, and lighting.

📷 Gear

Functional gear is essential for travel photographers. We want to make sure our gear is good enough, while still being lightweight and somewhat minimal. We've listed camera package recommendations for 4 different price points.

⚖️ Legal Resources

We always need to consider the legal stuff, no matter how boring it is. This chapter includes resources for things like travel/gear insurance, setting up your business, etc.

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How do I access the Travel Photographer's Toolkit?

To access the Travel Photographer’s Toolkit, submit your email above and a link to the Notion Doc containing the Toolkit will be instantly delivered to your email inbox.

I am a beginner photographer, is this for me?

Absolutely! The Travel Photographer’s Toolkit includes essential resources for every travel photographer, including beginners.

Is this Toolkit free?

Yes, the Travel Photographer’s Toolkit is 100% free!

Who Created This?

Hi there, I’m Sean!

I’m a professional travel photographer. Over the last 7 years I’ve built a 6-figure photography business and taught hundreds of thousands of students how to improve their photography.

I’ve dedicated myself to helping beginner photographers be the best they can be, that’s why I put together this Toolkit to help anyone interested to see what resources and kit a professional travel photographer uses! 

Travel Photographers Toolkit

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Travel Photographers Toolkit

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Travel Photographers Toolkit
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