Wanderlust Travel Preset Pack

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Wanderlust Travel Preset Pack

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The experience of traveling has the power to elicit emotions that do not exist in our everyday lives. New sights, smells, and feelings present themselves, and we become enveloped in a world of passion and energy. Maintaining the raw emotion of these moments is dependent upon capturing them, a process that must be done in a way that maintains the integrity of the moment itself. The Wanderlust Travel Preset package takes your travel photos back to the moment they were captured by granting them an artistic element that emphasizes their true beauty and raw emotion. They embody the definition of Wanderlust: “an overwhelming desire to explore and travel. 

These 25 custom presets were developed with inspiration from 25 cities I have visited around the world. Cities like Tokyo, Sapporo, London, Bangkok, Hanoi, Kyoto, San Francisco, Beijing, Chicago, Oslo, and Portland. Each preset tells its’ own story through a combination of color, contrast, and tone, and each one gives your photos a unique and distinctive look.

Whether you are shooting landscapes, portraits, food, people, or even just general street photography, the wanderlust travel preset pack might be what you need to take your travel photos to the next level.


Key features

  • 25 Travel Lightroom Presets
  • Natural and vivid tones
  • Wanderlust landscapes
  • Travel and street photography
  • Free help and file support
  • Instant download
  • Compatible with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Lightroom Mobile.

Before & Afters

Product details
25 Custom Travel Presets

You will receive an instant download that will include all 25 custom travel presets. 

These were designed with the adventurer in mind. Whether you’re traveling the world, or exploring the forest behind your house, these presets will help you capture the story of meaningful locations you explore. 

These presets were created with inspiration from 25 unique cities around the world. Every city has its own story, its own people, and its own identity. I kept this in mind while creating these presets, and meticulously designed each one to match the emotions I experienced in each place.

These presets are compatible with Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Mobile.

When the presets are imported to Lightroom CC, they will automatically be synced with your Lightroom Mobile app.

Installation is super easy! These presets work with both Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. If you are using Ligthroom CC, the presets will automatically sync with Lightroom Mobile, so you can use these presets on your mobile app. Pretty sweet. 

For Lightroom Classic CC, simply go to your develop tab, find “Presets” in the left hand column, click the (+) plus sign, and select import presets. Import the file you downloaded after you purchased the presets.


For Lightroom CC, the process is similar. Click “Presets” in the bottom  right hand corner of the application, then select “Import presets”. Simply import the file you downloaded after you purchased the presets and you are good to go. These presets will sync with your Lightroom Mobile, so you can access them using your phone 🙂 

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