Sean is a professional photographer and blogger based in Asia. He specializes lifestyle and product photography.



Like many of us, I am drawn to the physical aesthetic. Using my camera to engage with a scene brings me to a world outside of the mundane, and allows me to see even the simplest of activities as utterly fascinating. Photographing everyday lifestyle scenes allows me to reflect on the beauty of simple everyday objects that we often neglect to recognize, giving me a deeper understanding of the art of photography and the beauty that exists in this world.

Self Portrait - Monteray, California.

As a portrait photographer, capturing the true personality and spirit of another human being is a truly unique experience. I enjoy the process of working with my clients and getting to know them on a deeper level. Taking the time to develop this understanding always results in a photograph that speaks to them beyond their physical nature, a photograph that reveals who they are on the inside.

I have worked with many photographers in the past, but none took the time to understand who I truly am as a person like Sean did.
— Jesse Forrest, Professional Copywriter

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