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Going Pro with Portrait Photography: How to Turn Your Photography Hobby into a Job

Within 6 months of shooting his first portrait for $60, Sean was making a over $4000 per month in portrait sales. In this 90 minute straightforward and practical course, Sean shares all of his secrets of success. Whether you're an aspiring freelance photographer or simply a hobbyist that enjoys shooting portraits, this class tackles everything you need to know about becoming a professional photographer.

Cafe Photography for Instagram - Telling Visual Stories with Emotional Cafe Photos

Having shot for several large brands and establishing himself as an Instagram Influencer, Sean has used his talents in café lifestyle photography to tell the visual stories of countless cafes around the world. Sean utilizes a combination of lighting, styling, and composition to create beautiful lifestyle photos. In this 40 minute, behind-the-scenes style course, Sean teaches you the entire process to capturing beautiful cafe lifestyle photos.

Becoming an Instagram Influencer: Creating Authentic Content and Monetizing Your Following

Having grown his following by over 25,000 in just 9 months, Sean has learned the ins and outs of Instagram growth and working with brands. He is part of a popular Instagram community in Thailand, and continues to explore and understand Instagram's complicated algorithms. In this 60 minute course, Sean breaks down everything you need to know about Instagram's platform, providing you with detailed steps on how to grow and monetize your account.


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