Classic Portrait Preset Pack

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Classic Portrait Preset Pack

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The anatomy of a portrait is much different from a traditional photograph. With the goal of capturing the true essence of the human subject, portraiture must create appeal beyond the purely physical realm. The classic portrait pack adds this artistic appeal by utilizing emotionally triggering colors and tones that pull the true character out of your subject.

Featuring 17 unique and finely detailed presets, this portrait pack will make your subjects glow with beauty in an array of different settings. Focusing on skin tones and deep vivid colors, the classic portrait pack is designed to make your subjects look good.

Whether shooting at night or under the bright mid-day sun, this pack contains multiple presets that will suit any portrait setting. If you want to take your portraits to the professional level, the classic portrait preset pack is a must have.


Key features

  • 17 Classic Portrait & Fashion Presets
  • Clean and bright skin tones
  • Soft, classic colors
  • Vintage and modern styles
  • Free help and file support
  • Instant download
  • Compatible with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Lightroom Mobile.
  • Free Updates

Before & Afters

Product details
17 Custom Portrait Presets

You will receive an instant download that will include all 17 custom portrait presets.

These were designed with the portrait or fashion photographer lifestyle photographer in mind. Whether you’re capturing professional business portraits, or vintage lifestyle shots on the beach or in the forest, these classic portrait presets deliver timeless tones that make any skin tone glow.

Inspired by vintage California film photos, the classic portrait preset pack embodies these vintage tones with a modern twist.

These presets are compatible with Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Mobile.

When the presets are imported to Lightroom CC, they will automatically be synced with your Lightroom Mobile app.

Installation is super easy! These presets work with both Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. If you are using Ligthroom CC, the presets will automatically sync with Lightroom Mobile, so you can use these presets on your mobile app. Pretty sweet. 

For Lightroom Classic CC, simply go to your develop tab, find “Presets” in the left hand column, click the (+) plus sign, and select import presets. Import the file you downloaded after you purchased the presets.


For Lightroom CC, the process is similar. Click “Presets” in the bottom  right hand corner of the application, then select “Import presets”. Simply import the file you downloaded after you purchased the presets and you are good to go. These presets will sync with your Lightroom Mobile, so you can access them using your phone 🙂 

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