Chiang Mai photography course

Contrary to belief, photography is not easy. In fact, photography is much more than just pressing your shutter button. As a photographer with several years of professional experience, I have narrowed down the photographic process into simple 10 categories that all require a crucial understanding to consistently create good photographic work. By mastering these 10 categories, you can push your photography skills to the next level. Whether you enjoy shooting portraits, landscapes, animals, travel photos, or even general lifestyle photos, there is always something new to learn that can make you a better photographer. 

What I can offer you:

My course was designed to help you gain a strong understanding of these basics in a fun, friendly, and easy way. I take the same approach to teaching as I do during my portrait shoots, I get to know the people I am working with a deeper level so I can target their exact needs. This leads to a much more comprehensive learning experience, and one that is lasting. Plus, it makes the process so much more fun! I love to teach, and I almost always learn something new as well.

All of my courses will cover the 10 basic categories of photography, and all provide you with my easy to understand book that outlines these categories in an easy to understand format. Higher level courses will provide you with more direct contact with me, and more fun shooting locations as well.

Course only

We will visit my favorite cafe in Chiang Mai for a two hour in-depth and personal workshop that will not only thoroughly cover all 10 photographic categories, but teach you how to master your camera. 


Course and SHoot

This exciting and engaging course will start at my favorite Chiang Mai cafe where we will cover the 10 basic photographic categories, as well as teach you how to master your camera. 

Following the workshop, we will set out for a 2 hour hands on shoot at some of the most beautiful and renowned locations in Chiang Mai. I will provide constant feedback, and engage you with new photographic perspectives.

Full day of shooting 

This fully encompassing course will start at a local Chiang Mai cafe where all 10 basic photographic categories will be covered. We will spend an entire hour teaching you how to master your camera before heading out to several locations in Chiang Mai for a shoot. Local markets, beautiful temples, and jungle sanctuaries are places we will visit, all of which hold important lessons for photographic development.

Following the shoot, the student will submit 50 photos to me (online or in a coffee shop) in which we will discuss them and feedback will be provided.