Instagram Photo Editing Guide


Video Notes

Hey guys, thanks for checking out the video! Just to clarify, here is a list of the steps I take when editing and publishing every Instagram photo.

  1.  Transfer photo from camera to smart phone
  2. Open photo in VSCO application
  3. Apply desired filter which I use all on my photos (filter A6)
  4. Save photo and open in Lightroom mobile (any photo editing app will work)
  5. Adjust lighting and exposure to achieve desired mood (increase/decrease highlights and shadows).
  6. Save photo and open in Instagram
  7. List hashtags and post!

That's it guys, its as easy as that :) If you would like some feedback on your photos, go ahead and tag me in them and tell me you'd like me to comment on it. I'd be happy to :) 

All the best!


PS: If you also edit on your laptop, check out my Premium Lightroom Presets here!