I’m Hiring!

I’m hiring!

I am on the hunt for a kick-ass video editor to help me increase the amount of content that I create for you lovely people. But more importantly, someone who is in tune with my content can add to the storytelling of my channels, rather than just cut up footage. 

You will be working directly with me (Sean) on a weekly basis to create meaningful content for YouTube and other video based channels. This is a remote part-time position with the possibility of moving full-time in the future.

I am looking for:
  • A visual creative fluent in English
  • Basic color grading
  • Basic motion graphics
  • Has keen attention to detail
  • Can re-create video structures based on other YouTube videos we identify as having good structure/flow
  • Consumes a lot of YouTube content but don’t necessarily need to be a “youtube” editor. Creativity is more important.
  • Commit to at least 1 video a week for now
Other perks but not required:
  • Has a basic understanding of photography/videography
  • Has experience editing in Final Cut Pro
Software/Hardware Required for this position:
  • We will be using Final Cut Pro, so a Mac is required. If you have a Mac but have never edited in Final Cut Pro, this is not an issue. Final Cut Pro is not difficult to learn for a video editor, and we can work together to make sure you become competent in the software.
Pay will be discussed later in the process, but you will be fairly compensated for the work you put in. If you’re interested, please fill out the form using think link: https://forms.gle/RBZWS9b1XtVDhdCx6
Or please share this with someone you think might be interested.