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I’m Hiring!

I’m hiring! I am on the hunt for a kick-ass video editor to help me increase the amount of content that I create for you

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Hey! Im sean.

Photography is one of those things that anyone can relate to. It’s beautiful, fun, and it was designed to be shared. I’ve dedicated my time to helping you become a better photographer, a better creator, and someone that is confident with sharing their photos. Join me, and let’s take your photography game to the next level.


I Make courses

From creative photography to Instagram growth, these courses were designed specifically for creators like you.

I create presets

And I do it with precision. I craft my presets with specific color tones and combinations in mind, allowing you to maximie the story of your photo.

Wanderlust Travel Preset Pack

And, i blog.

Serving as a creative outlet, and a database of free information, the blog is a fantastic place to learn both basic and advanced photography techniques.