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Dominate Social Media With Ridiculously Good Travel Photography Content

Take your Instagram posts to the next level and improve your post consistency, so you can start building an audience and attracting awesome clients

Does This Sound Like You?

❌ You spend hours carefully curating your posts and feed, but your account has barely grown in months

❌ You know that you should be “giving value” or “storytelling” on your Instagram, but coming up with unique and valuable content feels like a daily struggle

❌ You feel creatively stuck, and you’re not sure what to share

❌ You don’t have enough photos to be constantly sharing on social media

❌ You are struggling to attract sponsors or clients

❌ You’re following all the “best practices,” but still hardly anyone is engaging with your posts



No One Talks About This When It Comes To Social Media As a Travel Photographer...

⏰ Posting quality content takes A LOT of time for us. ⏰

We might spend 5 hours shooting

3 hours culling 2000 excess photos

Another 3 hours editing the top 20

Of those, probably 2 are “gram” worthy…

Worst of all, when finally post your photos they get 0 engagement.

And then they tell us we’re meant to post 1-2 times every day, for 365 days a year? 🤬


The Daily Content Companion

Daily Content Companion

A Notion doc that contains 12 months worth of easy-to-implement social media prompts + 12 months worth of winning, customizable caption templates.

Streamline Your Content Curation

Get straight to creating awesome content with 365 daily prompts + 365 customisable caption templates to choose from.

All you need to focus on is providing the epic shots (you’ve got this). 

Daily Content Companion
Daily Content Companion

Boost Your Engagement

Your engagement is probably lagging because you’re posting the same type of content.

The content included in The Daily Content Companion is based on 6 different content buckets designed to drive engagement.

the ultimate formula for achieving social media success as a travel photography

After years of frustration over what to post on social media and analyzing the content of hundreds of experts, I uncovered six content buckets that effectively grab people’s attention and grow your following.


Wow your audience with breathtaking shots.


Show your process, equipment, and stories behind your photos.

Destination Spotlights.

Share info about the places you visit including history, food, music, etc.


Create exciting and adventurous content that takes your audience on a journey.

Photo Insights.

Share insider tips from choosing a photo to how you edit them.


Drive engagement with content that resonates with your audience.

Let The Daily Content Companion do the heavy lifting of curating a well-balanced content plan, freeing you from the burden of starting from scratch every time.

All you need is 2 minutes to choose, edit, and post!


What Could You Achieve in 3 Months From Now If You Spent 95% Less Time on Social Media, While Showing Up With More Consistency + Value?

Frequently Asked Questions:

the Daily Content Companion Is For...

Who's behind this?

Hi there, I’m Sean!

I’m a globetrotter and self-taught travel photographer. Over the last 7 years I’ve built a 6-figure photography business and taught hundreds of thousands of students how to improve their photography.

I know social media algorithms are constantly changing, but I’ve spent the last weeks figuring build the Daily Content Companion to help budding travel photographers like yourself consistently post engaging content.

Ready to take your social media game to the next level together?

Daily Content Companion

Brands I’ve Worked With

Daily Content Companion
Daily Content Companion

Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m super confident the Daily Content Companion will help you and I usually don’t offer refund on templates that can be downloaded and used straight away.

BUT, I want you to be 100% pumped about this content system. So, if you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund within 7 days of purchase by emailing me here.

Your Social media content for 2 years = sorted! ✅


What Are You Waiting For?

Daily Content Companion

The Daily Content Companion

Daily Content Companion

Not quite ready?

I’m gutted you won’t be joining us!

But I still want to help you maximise your social media performance.

Please grab my list of 30 content ideas before you go! 

Daily Content Companion

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