Classic Style Portrait Editing – Efficient Editing Without Sacrificing Quality

Portrait Editing in Adobe Lightroom using Lightroom Presets from the Classic Portrait Preset Pack.

Editing can be a pain, especially when you shoot often and have a high volume of photos going through your editing software. Over the years I created a series of presets that I use to edit my photos with more efficiency. Today, I am happy to share those with you. My Classic Portrait Preset Pack contains 12 high quality presets that appeal to almost any setting. i use them most often in portraiture, but they work with other types of photos too! Don’t believe me? Check out the short video below and watch them in action!

Get the Classic Portrait Presets Here

Don’t shoot portraits? No worries, these presets work on a variety of photos. I also have presets for food and cafe style photos, as well as travel photos.

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