Cafe Film & Food Preset Pack

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Cafe & Food Film Preset Pack

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The café lifestyle is a relaxed one, full of delicious treats, deep conversations, and timid thoughts. These 22 premium presets embody these emotions in the form of deep and natural tones, giving all of your café and food photos a soft, classic, and beautiful look. Each one is designed to appeal to a specific moment or setting, and each one has been meticulously crafted to give your photos stunning aesthetic appeal.

Whether you are shooting food, interiors, or even portraits, the Cafe Film Preset Pack might be what you need to take your interior cafe photos to the next level.


Key features

  • 22 Lightroom Presets for cafe, food, or coffee photos
  • Deep, moody tones
  • Dark blues, earthy greens
  • Soft, film-like tones
  • Free help and file support
  • Instant download
  • Compatible with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Lightroom Mobile.
  • Free updates

Before & Afters

“Crisp Modern Soft”

“Sophisticated Tones”

“Crisp Modern”

“Powerful Blues”

Product details
22 Custom Cafe & Food Presets

You will receive an instant download that will include all 16 Cafe presets. 

These were designed with the cafe hopper and food lover in mind. Whether you’re a professional food photographer, or someone that likes capturing moody images of their weekend cafe outings, these presets will help you tell stories about the beautiful places you visit.

These presets were created with inspiration from moody cafe interiors I have visited throughout the world, as well as several food photographers who use light to emphasize emotion in their photos.

These presets are compatible with Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Mobile.

When the presets are imported to Lightroom CC, they will automatically be synced with your Lightroom Mobile app.

Installation is super easy! These presets work with both Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. If you are using Ligthroom CC, the presets will automatically sync with Lightroom Mobile, so you can use these presets on your mobile app. Pretty sweet. 

For Lightroom Classic CC, simply go to your develop tab, find “Presets” in the left hand column, click the (+) plus sign, and select import presets. Import the file you downloaded after you purchased the presets.


For Lightroom CC, the process is similar. Click “Presets” in the bottom  right hand corner of the application, then select “Import presets”. Simply import the file you downloaded after you purchased the presets and you are good to go. These presets will sync with your Lightroom Mobile, so you can access them using your phone 🙂 

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