One of The Best Lightroom Resources On the Internet: 10 tips for optimizing your photos

I spent YEARS working with Photoshop. Yet, I never truly felt that I mastered it. There was about three ways to accomplish one simple task, and I never felt like it was built exclusively for photographers. Then I found Adobe Lightroom. Although Lightroom can be difficult to learn at first, you'll be AMAZED at how much it can benefit you. Mastering Lightroom has not only drastically increased my photo editing efficiency, but has been a key player in some of the most beautiful images I have ever created.

Because I love you guys, I want to share this awesome resource I used when I was learning Lightroom. This video covers 10 essential tips that you must know if you want to truly master Lightroom, including workflow optimization, noise correction, chromatic aberration correction, and perspective distortion correction. If you're too lazy to watch the entire video, I added a video guide which you can find below :)

This video will not only help you become fluent in Lightroom, but will allow you to make awesome presets which can quickly add a beautiful artistic touch to your photos. Check out of collection of Lightroom presets here.

Video Guide and Summary:

  1. Start with the Basics (1:00)
  2. Embrace “Presence” (20:00)
  3. Isolate Colors (25:25)
  4. Don’t Ignore Noise (33:20)
  5. Check for Chromatic Aberrations (41:50)
  6. Correct for the Lens (50:30)
  7. Crop (Almost Always) (1:05:30)
  8. Go (Virtually) Black and White (1:17:30)
  9. Cleanup (and More) in Photoshop (1:27:00)
  10. Get Targeted (1:42:45)