Baristrotel Cafe Review - Chiang Mai, Thailand

As many locals know, Chiang Mai has become quite the coffee town in recent years. What used to be a quiet northern city has transformed into a hipster getaway, littered with quaint cafes and eccentric coffee shops on every corner. As tourist season begins to pick up, new cafes seem to be opening up almost every weekend.

Yesterday was no different, as a new café and hotel conducted a soft opening on Nimman Soi 9. Baristrostrotel epitomizes the beauty of a minimal, elegant, and timeless design. The owner, Thanit, is a well-known local entrepreneur who owns several eateries in Chiang Mai. His most notable is Roti Guu on Nimmanhaemin road, serving delicious crepe-style desserts with class.

Baristrotel is different from other places in town. Bright, clean, simple, and beautiful are some of the words I might use to describe the new cafes interior interior. White walls and floors are complimented by greenery placed strategically throughout the café, while large classic windows flood the space with an abundance of warm natural light. Modern décor adds an aspect of style and beauty to the café, while the smell of fresh coffee and warm pastries bring attention to your other senses. All of these factors come together to create an inviting, trendy, and aesthetically gorgeous café that appeals to artists and the common person alike.

Having been in touch with the owner through discussions about photography, I was more than excited to do a photo-shoot in the newly opened cafe early Saturday morning. My good friend Kang accompanied me, and we were greeted with a warm welcomeupon arrival. Kang ordered a latte, and I, a hot Americano. Both were delivered in a timely manner, and tasted absolutely wonderful. We ordered a scone as well, which was warm and delicious. This was no surprise as the owner has proved himself through the various sweet options that Roti Guu offers. The food and beverage menu is very reasonably priced, with my Americano costing just 55 baht.

Kang and I originally came to do a photo shoot in the new café, and the owners were more than happy to let us take some pictures. The bright natural lighting and modern design allowed for some amazing shots, and Kang did a great job at modeling. We shot for about a thirty minutes before sitting down and having a chat with the owners. It was a blast, and we ended up talking to them for about two hours. They let us sample several items off the coffee menu, including their cold brew that is served with fresh orange and rosemary (pictured below). This was incredible. If you like cold brew, definitely opt for this next time you stop by.

Photo-shoots are so much fun when everything goes well, and the overall vibe at Baristrotel made the shoot a total success. Friendly owners, delicious coffee, and a uniquely aesthetic interior have put Baristrotel on the top of my list of Chiang Mai cafes. I'm excited to return and sample the rest of their menu. If you find yourself on Nimman Soi 9, I suggest you do the same. This small café and hotel (in the works) has the potential to become Chiang Mai’s next hot-shot café and big attraction to both tourists and locals in the Chiang Mai community.

  • Baristrotel by Baristo
    • Nimmanhaemin Soi 9.
    • Hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm 7 days per week (will be open 24 hours starting in a few months)
    • Good for: Working, snacking, coffee
    • Design: Minimal, elegant, white, classy