How to Make Money on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram

I remember when my Instagram account was only a personal one. I would post photos of myself, my food, and my travels across the world. It was fun, but I only had 600 followers. That was only six months ago. Today, I have 15,000 followers and am earning money on Instagram regularly. How did I do it? Well, its actually pretty simple.

I presented on how I make money on Instagram to a large audience in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You can check it out in the video below. I've also created video notes and a video timeline guide which can be found below the video. If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask below!

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Video Notes


Presentation Overview (1:37)

  • Instagram Introduction
  • Growing your Instagram
  • Monetizing your Instagram
  • Marketing on Instagram

Why Use Instagram? (3:09)

  • Simplicity of Instagram’s visual approach allows you to easily create a consistent theme, elicit specific emotions within your followers, and establish a strong brand identify (personal or business).

My Experience (4:05)

Three ways to grow your account: (5:30)

  • Consistent Content
  • Targeted Hashtags
  • Targeted Engagement

Creating Perfect Content (5:45)

  • Only post your best images
  • Consistent image style
  • Consistent image focus/purpose

How to Use Targeted Hashtags (10:00)

  • Specific, descriptive, and relevant hashtags
  • Use hashtags with 1k-700k posts

Targeted Engagement (12:38)

  • Following, liking, commenting
  • Only engage with those active in your targeted hashtags

Third Party Applications/Bots (15:19)

  • Although against Instagram’s TOR, bots are effective at increasing engagement with your target audience.
  • Use correctly – take the time to find the correct hashtags and accounts to target for engaged followers.
  • Click here to use the same bot as me. (It has been very effective)
  • Apps that I use (VSCO, Lightroom Mobile, Preview)

Analytics (17:38)

  • Analytics are an effective tool to see which of your posts are earning high engagement, and which are not. This allows you to optimize your posts for maximum engagement.
  • Analytic tools to check out: Instagram Insights (built in Instagram tool), Keyword, and Hootesuite.

Three Ways I Make Money on Instagram (19:13)

  • Promote my photography services through my Instagram (direct)
  • Get sponsored to post on Instagram
  • Affiliate Marketing

Marketing on Instagram (20:42)

  • Utilize good lifestyle photos (don't have any? Hire a photographer or use stock)
  • Utilize Instagram Influencers like myself
  • Paid ads

Identifying Brands/Influencers (24:27)

  • Identify by finding them interacting with your targeted hashtags
  • Contact through Instagram DM or email

Other Tips (26:18)

Q & A (29:10)

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