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I teach people like you how to become a better photographer.

The Photographer

Like many of us, I am drawn to the physical aesthetic. Using my camera to engage with a scene brings me to a world outside of the mundane, and allows me to see even the simplest of activities as utterly fascinating. Photographing everyday lifestyle scenes allows me to reflect on the beauty of the moment in front of me, resulting in a deeper understanding and respect for even the most trivial things. I have spent most of my 20’s traveling around the world, meeting other photographers, and searching for my own artistic style. I’ve learned that as we grow as photographers, our styles continue to adapt and change. This adaptation is crucial for our development as photographers, and has served a large role in the artist I am today. Sharing my development with you is something I highly value. Not only does it help the spread of knowledge, but it allows me to continue to reflect on my own personal style and make steps towards the artist I hope to be one day.

My path was not a traditional one. I completed my Master’s degree in Public Health in 2014 before moving to Thailand to work for a non-profit organization. Before that, I worked for the World Health Organization in Kobe, Japan. I loved the work, but I found myself more and more drawn towards photography, and away from the office work that I had grown accustomed to. The moment I got off work, I was out on the streets with my camera. Photography was one of those things I couldn’t escape, and I am glad I made the decision to pursue it full time. Today, I live in Chiang Mai Thailand and often travel to neighboring countries. I am constantly seeking to grow not only a professional¬† photographer, but as a content creator.¬†


The Photographer

What inspires me?

I am inspired by many. By those around me and by countless content creators like myself. I am always searching for new inspiration to help me continue to grow, and I aim to create on a daily basis. Lifestyle photography is fueled by emotion, and I am constantly drawn to this artistic style as it allows me to express feelings I have within myself, and the feelings of the model or location in which I am shooting.

Brands I've Worked With

My Gear

Curious about the gear I use? I’ve put together a comprehensive list of all my gear. Click below to check it out.