"How To Get Paid 6-Figures+ To See The World, Take Epic Photos, And Live Life On Your Own Terms"



Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)

Do Any of These Sounds Familiar?

❌    You’ve probably tried making money with your photography but it’s not enough to give you the freedom you desire. 

❌     You’re frustrated at watching other photographers on Instagram and Youtube live your dream, but now you’re ready to make it happen for yourself.

❌     It feels impossible to stand out in such a crazy saturated market, let alone get a client even when you don’t have a social media following.

❌     You spend hours taking photos & editing your best shots, only to be met with crickets when you post on social media. I know, I’ve been there and it’s frustrating…

If this sounds like you, my new Finding Freedom: The Travel Photographer’s Accelerator was created to help you achieve your goals.

Not Just a Travel Photography "Course"

This is a “full stack” Travel Photography ACCELERATOR, that helps you master ALL areas of launching a successful  travel photography business. For photographers of all skill levels.


Master Photography

Transform your photography skills by completing practical assignments, like mock client briefs, and submitting your tasks for feedback from the group in a private community.


Find Your Editing Style

Master your photo editing skills and refine your unique editing style through a series of classes and practical assignments.


Land Clients​

Confidently reach out and secure clients using my tried-and-tested method. Students secure on average 2 new clients by the end of the Accelerator.


Grow Your Audience

Build a solid social media strategy and say goodbye to the constant anxiety of not knowing what to post that will grow your following.


Future-Proof Your Business

Worried about AI, or generally about an over-saturated market? I’ll teach you ways to make your photography business too unique to be replaceable.


Create Passive Income

From setting up email automations to creating digital products, I’ll teach you different ways to build streams of passive income so you can make money in your sleep.


Finding Freedom: The Travel Photography Accelerator™

Discover my exact system of building a 6-Figure+ Travel Photography Business.

Workshop (Coaching)

What You Get:

✅ Weekly Coaching Calls
✅ Finding Freedom Course
✅ 30+ hours Training & Tutorial Videos 
✅ 5 Bonus Workbooks & Guides
✅ FF Private Community for Support & Networking
✅ 15 Client Approved Mock Briefs
✅ 365-Day Money Back Guarantee


Real People. Real Results.

Workshop (Coaching)

This program completely exceeded my expectations!

Sean structured the program in a way that allowed me to build my skills and knowledge in various aspects (not only photography, but creativity and business side of things), in a very natural and intuitive way. I especially appreciate the opportunity to create a portfolio alongside the learning process, as it added great value to the program.

I felt a tinge of sadness when the program came to an end, I am now confident now though that I possess all the necessary tools to succeed as a creative photographer and entrepreneur. 

I cannot thank Sean for his valuable expertise enough!”

– Marisa Gulli
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)

“Sean offers so much on the Accelerator, whether you’re fairly new to photography or a seasoned pro, there will be something you can take away and implement immediately.

The mock briefs each week not only helped you to diversify your photography skills but build a broader portfolio to showcase to potential clients.

The discord group has been invaluable to learn from one another too as each person brought their own inspiration, ideas and feedback.

It’s been a blast and I feel so much more confident now in my own photography and approaching clients.

Thank you for such a well thought out, planned and delivered Accelerator!”

– Paul Gerrie
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)
I have taken a lot of online courses, especially photography-focused, and this has been hands down my favorite one.
It was PACKED with information on every level. The structure of the course was perfect. The mock briefs really got us “out there” doing the work. I was a little hesitant signing up for this course at first because I’m a stay-at-home mom trying to expand my business locally and not a travel photographer as this stage of my life, but I had a good feeling about it and jumped at the chance.
Sean could charge double what he did for this course and I still think the value would exceed the fee. The bonuses alone could be their own course! Thank you for everything, Sean.”
Sarah Dunn
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)
Taking the Finding Freedom course completely transformed my situation.
Previously, I found myself stuck in a rut, lacking confidence and unsure of how to approach potential clients.
However, after completing the course, my confidence soared, and communicating with prospective clients now feels effortless. Sean, the instructor, possesses a remarkable teaching ability. Each class was expertly structured, presented in a clear and comprehensible manner, and supported by useful tools and templates that enabled me to kickstart my journey immediately.”
– Oliver Best
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)

You too can consistently get clients, even if you're a beginner

I’ll teach you my proven method of acquiring clients, even if you’re a total beginner. Those invoices you see in the picture were sent by students of the Finding Freedom Accelerator, during or directly after completing the program.
That’s what makes this program different, we guarantee that if you put in the work, you’ll get the results. 
Workshop (Coaching)

Hey, I’m Sean! 👋 I want to help you become the travel photographer you’ve always wanted to be!

Over the last 7 years I’ve built a six-figure Travel Photography business. I travel around the world and I work with companies like DJI, Spotify, Adobe, and Anker. Now I’d love to help you achieve your own breakthrough!

I’ve taught over 300,000+ photography students (and counting). Over the years I made so many mistakes, and it’s taken me half a decade to discover a system that allowed me to build a thriving photography business.

I’ve spent the last year recording everything I know, I even trialed it on a group of students to make sure my roadmap worked. And guess what? Over 95% of students said the program exceeded their expectations!

Want to Get Paid to Take photos Like this?

Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)

Get The "Zero to Freedom" Roadmap

You need a proven roadmap as the “GPS” to your destination. The Finding Freedom Accelerator is that GPS for you. And it will get you there in 5 steps.

Workshop (Coaching)


I'll Help You Master These 5 Pillars

Workshop (Coaching)


Get Going

✅ Unlock the Confidence in your Camera Settings and Composition
✅ Build the Habit of Consistently Going Out and Shooting 

Workshop (Coaching)


Get Going

✅ Learn What it Takes to Become a World-Class Photographer
✅ Establish a Rock Solid Website, Portfolio, and Media Kit to Showcase Clients

Workshop (Coaching)


Get Noticed

✅ Creating a Bullet-Proof Social Media Strategy That is Adaptable to Current and Future Trends
✅ Optimise your Social Media Pages to Attract Clients
✅ Why a Small Social Media Following Isn’t Detrimental to Landing Clients

Workshop (Coaching)


Get Paid

✅ Discover my Tried-and-Tested Client Outreach Strategies
✅ Deep Dive on Pricing Strategies
✅ Navigating the Client Work Process, from Landing Clients to Turning Them Into Repeat Business

Workshop (Coaching)


Get Free

✅ Deep Dive into Passive Income Streams as a Photographer
✅ Create and Launch Your First Digital Product
✅ Fundamentals of Digital Marketing to Promote Your Photography Business


Student Wins

Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)


Ready To Join These Students?

Workshop (Coaching)
Such a great course to learn how travel photography works and learn how to monetize our photography skills!
The course was really in depth and covered a lot.
It gave me all the tools I needed to start getting clients.”
Bastien Huet
Workshop (Coaching)
Workshop (Coaching)
I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to start a career as a travel photographer.
It’s packed with all the information you need, and I truly loved it. The weekly mock briefs were the highlight for me because they made me think and shoot like a pro. They really helped me improve my skills and get into the right mindset. Plus, they provided a step-by-step guide for building up my portfolio. This course is hands down one of the best I’ve ever taken.
Once you complete it, you won’t need to buy any other courses. It’s that good!”
Lorenzo Vignati
Workshop (Coaching)

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed for photographers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced photographer looking to take your photography business to new heights, this course has something valuable to offer you.

From foundational techniques to advanced strategies for building and expanding your photography business, you’ll find content that caters to your specific needs and helps you elevate your skills, regardless of your current proficiency level.

The only essential items you’ll need for this course are a camera and access to photo editing software such as Lightroom or any other picture editing tool of your choice.

These are standard tools used by photographers, and they will help you enhance and refine your travel photographs during the editing process. As long as you have these basic requirements covered, you’re all set to dive into the course and embark on your journey to becoming a skilled travel photographer!

Although this program is primarily focused on travel photography, the valuable lessons and principles taught throughout the course can be applied to various types of photography businesses.

While the examples and context may revolve around travel photography, the core concepts of composition, lighting, editing, and building a photography business are transferable skills that can benefit photographers in different niches, such as wedding or events photography.

So, even if you specialize in a different area, rest assured that the knowledge gained from this program will still be highly relevant and applicable to your photography endeavors.

Hit “Chat” in the corner of this page to chat with me. Otherwise, please feel free to reach out to me anytime at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Still have questions for me? No problem! Email me at [email protected] or start a chat in the corner of this page!

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